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Hämeenaho receives new ideas for responsibility development from Europe

We are continuously developing our operations, and that requires an open attitude and opening the gates to new influences and development ideas. That is why our men have travelled to visit European operators.

Visit to Duisburg in March

“We went to Duisburg in March to check out the new equipment to handle scrap metal. We are involved in the circular economy business, so as a responsible operator, we need to be aware of the most modern and environmentally friendly solutions.” says Antti Pasanen, Sales Manager of Hämeenaho.

In addition to the technological aspects of the industry, our team had the opportunity to explore the German operating environment during the same trip.

As you might expect, the systematic German way of operating was visible in the industrial area.

“The plant was very clean and everything was in good order. The plant is located in the middle of normal, German life, so the organised and responsible way to operate applies to more than just the internal order of the area.” says Antti, referring to the noise and other emissions, and the handling of plant logistics.

How would Antti Pasanen summarise the comparison between international and Hämeenaho operations?

“All operators, both in Finland and internationally, have something to improve. Regarding Hämeenaho operations and responsibility, we are able to give ourself feedback that says that we are on the right level and definitely on the right path.”

Munich trade fair in May

The trip continues to a trade fair in Bavaria, Germany from 13 to 15 May, 2024. The IFAT trade fair, organised every other year, is the leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. One of the main themes for the Munich fair is to encourage visitors to think about the sustainable development in an innovative way. In 2022, the IFAT fair had 199,000 visitors from 155 countries, so the circular economy and responsibility innovation will not be held back by the opportunity to hear different perspectives.

“We have already scheduled meetings, and our mean purpose for visiting the fair is to gain information on new technologies and equipment, also for infrastructural construction,” says Antti Pasanen.

Once our people are back to Raahe from Munich, we will tell what we gained from the trip. Have the electrical work machines and equipment improved, or are there new energy sources that are replacing fossil fuels?

Read more about our responsibilities.

Main picture: Tero, Jari, and Antti, and Carl and Peter from Austria

Article pictures: IFAT trade fair 2022, media service

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