Our work speaks for us

The circular economy has been the foundation of our operations since the 1960s. It all started from the handling of by-products of steel production and processing, and today sustainability is a part of all of our services. The only way to change things is to do it. We are ready to help you move from green talk to green action.

By-product handling

We collect, process, and deliver by-products of steel production and further processing of metal into reuse. We have our heavy-duty machinery, a post-processing facility, and staff who are used to working safely on industrial sites. We collect and process tons of dross, and virgin loss material of metal, and transport briquettes pressed at the plants for reuse.

Our by-product handling also includes our infra works services. We crush and reuse stones and boulders acquired in the groundwork of infrastructural projects at the site. By becoming one of our clients, you will reduce your carbon footprint and position your company on the front line of the green transition.

From words to action, contact Antti.

Our by-product handling covers many different actions. We always scale our service according to our clients’ needs.

Pauli Sarpola, CEO

Infra works contracting

Our infra works contracting covers all groundwork of infrastructural construction, from the constructions seen above ground to its underside. In addition to mechanical work, we transport sand, gravel, and crushed stone from borrow pits near the site. We can crush stone material acquired during site clearance with a modern electric crusher and utilize it at the site without burdening the environment and adding expenses by transporting the material.

We plan our work and overlap different working stages seamlessly. Our site might be a wind farm with its roads, a port contract, a power plant, or even a sports field. We work all over Finland and in northern Sweden.

We can also take care of the entire construction project. You can read more about that in our Project Work section.

Factory services

We know the operations logic of factory areas and have a deep knowledge of the processes. On the factory floor, we handle various transport and material side-stream management activities and rent machinery, which we maintain in our workshop. As the factory expands or operations change, we are also the right partner to help move buildings, machinery, or materials within the time of the interruption in production. We can also offer equipment installation services if needed. Our personnel and work machinery are our representatives in the factory area, and you can rest assured that actions meet words.

Our factory services are suitable for many industrial sectors. Our services are available throughout Finland.

Machine rental

We rent out our machinery equipment for transport and material handling in factory areas. In the name of continuous development, we also renew our equipment. We are gradually transitioning to electric equipment, and forklifts are the first step towards cutting operating costs in half and transitioning from fossil fuels to zero-emission machinery.

Do you need work machinery, or do you also need persons to use the machinery? Tell us more, Antti is listening.

Project work

Our project management services consist of infrastructural and large-scale construction projects. In addition to infra works contracting, we can take care of a complete industrial project, including electrical, plumbing and equipment installation.

In project work, we operate as the main contractor, who manages the subcontractor chain, and the scheduling working stages to one functional unit on behalf of the client. As the client, you save time and money and lower the risks. As always, responsibility and environmental matters are the core of our operations in this service model. Our experienced project manager Antti is happy to tell you more about this.