We succeed together with our employees

We have a work community of about 150 permanent professionals moving and processing industrial by-products, soil, and equipment with a family business attitude of working together. Our work site teams complete jobs as promised and even our company leaders are present in company and management operations. We are proud of our environment of mutual trust at work.

Our employees are great at recognising that they are our company representatives at the sites. When our employees are working for the client, they take on a customer service attitude.

Tuija Näppä, Human Resource Manager

Job descriptions to suit the worker

We value multi-talented personnel that are able to work with different types of machines and in varying work environments. However, if our worker sees that their strengths suit specific works and they want to work with a specific machine, that work too. We do not try to fit people into predetermined moulds.

Most of our employees are machine operators, but job descriptions and demands vary by site and employee capacities. For the maintenance of about 200 work machines and equipment, we have heavy machine mechanics and car/electric mechanics. Maintenance according to the machines’ hours of use is not always enough. The heart of our operation, AKA our workshop mechanic, can also come on-site to service equipment for use.

Our clerical employees include supervisors, transport managers, and financial and human resource administrators. In addition to our CEO, our company directors and managers include chief business officers, sales manager, HR manager and director of responsibility.

  • Most of our employment contracts are permanent, but we also hire people for projects under fixed-term contracts.
  • Our minimum qualification requirement is usually a basic degree in logistics and earthworks, but the work experience can also come from teaching and qualification grantor.
  • Based on our education agreement, we grant qualifications for mechanics for our workshop and machine operators.
  • During summers, we typically recruit machine operators, mechanics for our workshop and summer supervisors for our work sites.
  • Our employee wages are based on the infrastructure collective agreement and the collective agreement for salaried employees in the construction industry.

We have employee relationships that have lasted over 20 years, and many former employees have returned to work with us.

Jari Muotio
Chairman, Business Director/Infrastructure

Creating a good foundation for employee relationships through orientation

We use a set model for phased orientations. Our goal is that each of our employees would feel that their work is safe and enjoyable.

  • We use orientation to familiarise our new employee with our operational practices and safety and quality aspects.
  • After the initial phase, the orientation will continue at the work site, where the new employee will be guided by a designated mentor.
  • In factory services, our employee will receive orientation from our client. This orientation will emphasize safety at work and responsible operations.
  • All of our employees must have a valid occupational safety card. We organise trainings regularly.
  • We organise first aid trainings as necessary. We make sure that our company has enough persons with first aid skills working in different operations of our company.
  • Our supervisors and managers go through an early mediation training, so that we can improve and guarantee the work well-being of our employees through preventative discussions.

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We work all over Finland and in northern Sweden

Earth works contracting and infra works contracting are project-based jobs that we do all over Finland and in northern Sweden. The earth works projects and the number of necessary professionals and skills vary by project.

In our factory services, we collect and process industrial by-products and transport them for reuse.

Our project work covers the entirety of a project construction. During a project, we operate as the main contractor and coordinate different phases of the project.

None of our jobs is a “one-man show”, even though the work itself is mostly independent. We always work as a team on site.

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Taking our employees into account benefits us all

We handle wage payment as agreed, and all of our employees are able to take their vacation time without having to worry about work. However, we are always working towards improving ourself as an employer. The basis of improving every-day work comes from well-being at work, and employee feedback and development ideas.

  • Wages are always paid as promised.
  • Epassi for employee benefits.
  • Our personnel are able to use a wide variety of occupational health services.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to give feedback and development ideas. Initiatives are rewarded based on their impact.
  • We are flexible when our employees need time to handle their personal matters.
  • Vacation time can be taken without having to worry about work.
  • Our own payroll clerk knows our employees and their working environment, making communication easy and direct.

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