Principles of circular economy and family business in action

Our company history is our strength, but we also need to evolve. We will be operating under the brand name Hämeenaho. Pentti is still in our official business name, and his principles and family business spirit will remain a part of our company. Perhaps the best way to describe the legacy left by my father is to answer the question "Why Hämeenaho?" in the staff survey of autumn 2023. The most popular answer was: "we do what we promise".

I believe our strong skills, flexibility and reliability are behind our success. The work has spoken for itself.

Marja Kotisaari, Financial assistant, has worked at Hämeenaho since 2012

Together with our clients we are a part of the green transition

A big part of our business has long been the transport, processing and reuse of by-products from metal processing. We remain committed to being responsible and on the front line of the green transition. In addition to metal recycling, we can provide stone crushers for construction sites and repurpose the stone material from groundwork to serve as a solid foundation for new constructions.

Environmental responsibility will also be reflected in the renewal of our equipment. In the future, our fleet will be powered by an electric or a hybrid power source.

Climate goals and the green transition are significant challenges, but together with our customers, we collectively contribute to achieving these objectives.

Worksite for two generations

  • Our operations started in the 1960s at the Rautaruukki steel factory, now known as SSAB.
  • Pentti Hämeenaho worked for Rautaruukki as an independent contractor until he started his own company in 1974.
  • The core of the company was work and employee satisfaction.
  • Pentti’s sons, Jari and Antti, came to his help when they were only teenagers. They would clean in the factory and work with tires on weekends, nights and holidays.
  • At first, the boys would practice managing the working machinery with a 1400kg mini excavator.
  • Growing up to do “real work” in the factory started with a 4500kg excavator. The boys would load railcars with a magnetic Åkerman.

Business started to grow in the 1990s.

  • The most significant move for the company happened in 1994, when Hämeenaho bought a bankruptcy estate of a company specializing in dross transport, growing the number of machinery and doubling manpower.
  • At the same time, Hämeenaho took charge of its own garage workshop, and in addition to dross transport, processing took over a significant portion of Hämeenaho operations.
  • The next big step in development was a renovation of a dross processing plant and the workshop.
  • In the autumn of 2023, Hämeenaho modernised their management systems and moved to a new facility to be closer to its operations.

We live our certificates

We already have environmental and quality certificates, and our work safety will also be certified at the beginning of 2024. The certificates will hang on our office walls, but the most important thing to us is the actual practice and development of these standards. That’s why we have also strengthened our organisation so that we can continuously improve our everyday practices and benefits for our customers.

Infrastructure and circular economy

  • Infra works contracting and infrastructural projects became a more significant part of Hämeenaho operation in the mid-2010s.
  • In particular, we have more than a decade of experience in wind and other energy projects.
  • Along the way, we have modernised the machinery with mobile electric stone crushers, and the company has its own sand, gravel and crushed stone excavation sites.
  • In 2023, Hämeenaho employed 150 employees, and our turnover for 2022 financial period was EUR 30.2 M.

In the name of development, we are also renewing our online service. In the future, we will be explaining our operations in more detail and more openly – especially everything we do to keep our promises in a way that is responsible and benefits our clients.

Jari Muotio
Chairman, Business Director/Infrastructure